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AfrikaBurn 2013 – Archetypes. 1 – 6 May Tankwa Karoo , South Africa

Wow what an awesome experience Archetypes 2013 was. Again I was transported in another world for 9 days.  I arrived earlier this year and managed to extend my stay and got to meet some awesome people, I was amazed how everyone gave without expecting something in return.
This year was a lot more challenging and harder than last year’s burn, which was my first. Having been a virgin burner last year, you don’t quite know what to expect and was total mesmerized by everything,this time round I made sure I participated from the word go.  I got actively involved before the start of the burn and ensured that this time round I got accredited as a photographer for AfrikaBurn and will publish my pics on their new stock web site.  This time round a mate of mine was in a wheel chair so I had to pack and unpack two cars, help set up camps, only to have the wind tear it all down again. The wind sandblasted us for a couple of hours to top it off.  We volunteered at the art and media booth for a couple days, and had to recover a couple of vehicles including my own – please ensure you have good tires and a proper jack! 
I managed to sneak in some time for photography, picked up MOOP (Matter out of place) constantly and amongst all of that I still managed to dance up a storm and have a total blast.
I would like to thank the Wonderleka woeskus desert daisies for making us feel totally at home and welcome, you guys truly rock – a special thanks for the ongoing amazing tunes. Made new friendships and laughed so much, you all have lots of love in your hearts.
A HUGE THANK YOU to the AfrikaBurn crew who did such an awesome job, they poured their hearts and souls into making this event so special! AfrikaBurn is in a complete class of its own, and of course to all the volunteers who gave a hand and the passerby’s who helped collect MOOP.  
The artists, that blew our minds away with your magnificent creations, well done to all of you! One can only imagine how much blood sweat and tears went in to completing your art. The huge sacrifice you all made to create your masterpieces is really appreciated.
A special thanks to the beautiful people who allowed me to photograph them, you all rock!
They say a picture says a thousand words, and yes it does, but one can never truly capture the burn. No pic, pics or words can properly describe it. It is something you have to experience for yourself. It is visually overwhelming, a sensory overload while been smothered with kindness, you have to be there to understand, there is nothing remotely like it.
In Tankwa town anything can happen. There is so much to see and do, it’s impossible to see it all which keeps you wanting to go back for more. 351 days to go till the San Clan burns again.
For those of you that have not yet been, Tankwa town is a temporary dessert city  full of art, theme camps, mutant vehicles, self expression, colorful costumes, creative beautiful people combined with music and fun filled laughter.  Since its birth in 2007 the event has been growing rapidly and this year it attracted over 7 500 people from all over the world. 
It is the only temporary town/city that has nothing for sale except ice, you have to be totally self sufficient and what you bring in needs to go back out with you, AfrikaBurn is a leave no trace event. 

Come prepared, with an attitude of gratitude and believe me you will be in for a ride of your life.

 Remember to click on the picture to see it bigger.
Archeclan burns on the Saturday night at 10pm
“Reflection” by Daniel Popper (with Chris Shelvey) and the crew.
Archeclan and the moon. These four shots where taken at 3am in the morning, when the moon finally came out.
“Reflection” by Daniel Popper with me reflecting too, all the above shots where long exposure.
My mate Mark getting a lesson in pole dancing.
Welcome to the AfrikaBurn, all virgin burners must ring the bell.
Sunset at the San Clan.
Piano recital in the wattle tower at sunset.
The Tunnel of Questionable Enlightenment byJustin Eastman, hope to see you again next year.
Aurora  a dreamscape of colour and sound.
AfrikaBurn 2013-168
“Reflection” by Daniel Popper and crew.
My late arrival made it.
Liz and some mates.
They have landed.
My mate Hennie in the wheel chair, finally getting some professional help…lol.
I see you.
On top of the Love Machine by the LEDHEDz crew, this bus had some serious sound!
The Archeclan burning
The Archeclan burning
The Daisies rocking!
Abso-Lotus-Ly well done on your first Burn.
Thanks Louisa for my awesome gift, the challenge is on for next year!
These guys made us so much they were brilliant.
The Legend
The snail!
For more info and pics go to http://www.afrikaburn.com/
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